Monday, October 4, 2010


I'll begin this adventure by knocking out a few of my mainstream favorites - We'll start with the cult classic blink-182

Formed in 1992 - blink-182 is comprised of Vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge, Drummer Travis Barker and bassist Mark Hopper. Tom was expelled from his former high school after showing up drunk to a basketball game, and was thus introduced to Mark at his new high school. Sharing the desire to start a band, they hired Scott Raynor as their initial drummer. These 3 went on to produce two albums: Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch.

The success of Dude Ranch allowed blink to take multiple worldwide tours. In 1998, mid-tour, drummer Scott Raynor was asked to leave the band due to alcoholism, and was replaced by then-Aquabat Drummer Travis Barker. The new trio went on to record their breakthrough album - Enema of the State.

The next few years rolled for blink-182, as they produced such hits as "Adam's Song", "All the Small Things" and "The Rock Show" just to name a few. After their fourth album "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket", the band split in 2005 for creative differences.

In 2008, Barker barely survived a plane crash, and the trio was re-united in the hospital, where they had time to overcome their differences. Today, blink-182 is back, and are currently working on their new album.

I was lucky enough to catch these guys back in 2009 in their reunion tour - and trust me. They're back.

Heres a few tracks you should try out:

Going Away To College
Please Take Me Home
The Party Song

All of their stuff is worth a listen... if you haven't heard their earlier stuff... check it oUT!

Im out for now... tune in tomorrow!



  1. Ahh i remember the old days when i listened to blink 182 a lot :P