Monday, October 4, 2010


Switching over to a little more unknown Alternative - we turn our attention to the band Vedera.

Led by singer Kristen May, the band grew up in the same town of Blue Springs. Inspired by artists such as Jimmy Paige, Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots, most of the band members started playing at a young age. May has been writing songs since she was 17. After a failed college stint in Nashville, May returned to her Kansas City roots and formed the band as we know it today.

They currently have 3 albums out -2004's "This Broken City"  2005's "The Weight of an Empty Room", and 2009's "Stages". Their top hit to check out is "Satisfy", which has currently been all over MTVU as of late.

My co-host has actually played poker with May a few years back. She has a really beautiful voice, but he says she smokes like a chimney... hopefully she has come to her senses by now.

Be sure to check them out if your looking for some (somewhat) undiscovered alternative!


  1. I'll have to check them out! I really like Jimmy Paige's stuff, as well as Nirvana, so I'll probably like these guys too! :P

    Thanks for the recommendation!