Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Purpose

Hello readers!

As the title suggests, this blog will feature information about a new alternative rock band every day (at least I hope, sometimes I may miss a few days). I am the alternative music director at my local radio station, and am always getting new demos from unsigned bands that really deserve a listen. I hope to combine those with a lot of popular mainstream artists, and give you all a bit of background on the bands that supply some of your favorite music!

Occasionally (more often than not), I also receive demo CD's of the worst possible music you could ever imagine. On certain days (maybe I'll dedicate a day or two a week to this) I'll post some of that music, so we can all laugh at their fruitless attempts.

The action will start tomorrow... ta ta for now!



  1. Looking forward to it :D

    Very looking forward to the... other kind of music ;)

  2. Hope you are active, always nice to hear some new alternative bands.

  3. looking forward to seeing some of these bands :)

  4. Great Idea! Love alternative music.

  5. Ha, I can't wait to hear some of the crap people submit.